Making music is like breathing fresh air,

it is like flying,

it is like being beyond gravity and limitations...

My name is Sara and I love writing tunes.

I hear sounds in my head and I go with the flow composing, playing, recording and dubbing away.

I am in love with the delay as it is an instrument to me not just a sound effect. Let music vibrate and let sounds bounce back and forth drawing spirals in a three dimensional experience.


Everything I share in here is music I have composed, performed, recorded, arranged and mixed at my home studio: if you stop to check it out you will hear acoustic guitars and live synth, you may hear me sing at times and you will surely get to enjoy plenty of drums programming as well as live snares and percussion while tuning in following the bass lines.

I believe in music as art, music as in free expression of one creative person without boundaries.



SistaSara - Space Stepper



5 tracks EP full of Psy Dub and Tribal Dub vibrations


Music, Lyrics & Executive Production by Sara Fuga

Mastered by Sara Fuga

Released by Dubophonic  [DUB012]

Distributed by Symphonic Distribution

Dubophonic © ℗ 2019




SistaSara - Vibes



Psy Dub vibes forevermore...

Inner light, inner journeys in dub meditation.


Music, Lyrics & Executive Production by Sara Fuga

Mastered by The Analog Botanist

Released by Advaita Oneness Dub [AdOD007S-W]

Distributed by CD Baby Pro

Sara Fuga © ℗ 2018




Day Zero

Management Contact: contact (at) sarafuga.com

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