AdOD Label


Label inspired by the hypnotic and spiritual vibes of Dub Music.

Focused on Dub and Dub influenced music alike.

Genres may vary from Reggae Dub to Stepper,

from Psy Dub to Trip Hop and from Ambient to Dubtronica.

Advaita Oneness Dub was founded in Summer 2012 as a Net Label with its first release:

SistaSara - DubRiddims, which was made available for free download through the Internet Archive on a Creative Commons license. It was only 5 years later that Advaita made its debut as Indie Label with the first worldwide distributed: SistaSara - Creation.

The official distribution agencies for the label are: CD Baby Pro & Horus Music Limited.

All copyrighted work is licensed through BMI Broadcast Music Inc.



SistaSara - Universal Dub [AdOD017E-W]

Introducing Universal Dub, a collection of 12 deep mystical dub versions of the tunes you originally discovered on the album Universal.

Be ready to dive into the depth of Dub with this new journey filled with bass and hypnotic vibrations.

SistaSara - Dub-Conscious [AdOD016E-W]

Ready for a deep Dub journey?

Dub-Conscious is an EP  in pure Dub Plate style featuring 4 different versions of Dub-Conscious Riddim: 1 trumpet cut, 2 vocal cuts and one vocal Dub.

Hermes X - My Perception [AdOD015A-W]

Unidentified sounds ahead...

First Album release for Hermes X

11 tracks for a subconscious journey.

Press play and surrender.

Hermes X - Inward [AdOD014S-W]

Soundscapes and artificial life forms.
Turn on your sub-woofer…

From deep meditation to steady grooves, passing through veils of emotional denial.


SistaSara Feat. Awa Fall - Believe In Yourself [AdOD013S-W]

The first collaboration between Awa Fall and SistaSara.

The B side of this single is a soulful, warm and steady dub version that will surely make you dance chasing the drums and the bass.

Connect with the melodies, the motivational lyrics and the high frequency of this powerful tune.

SistaSara - Universal [AdOD012A-W]

Brand new Reggae Album by SistaSara  featuring 8 meaningful songs and 4 Roots Steppa instrumentals for a total of 12 tunes full of soul.

Songs of peace, gratitude, social justice and spirituality for a 53 minutes music journey. Tune in!

SistaSara - Blessed I Am [AdOD011S-W]

Tune about understanding and accepting every step of the way that brought us to the Here & Now: from times of struggle to the realization of being Blessed with the gift of Life and acknowledging our inner strength and light.

The B side is an open Reverb Dub version, called Blessed I Dub with a pounding bass line that you will feel right at your core.

SistaSara - Make A Move [AdOD010S-W]

Reggae tune with powerful lyrics and a strong call to action to connect with our Inner Self and stand up for what we believe in.

The release features a B side titled Dub A Move with a bass line you won’t forget and a Delay that leads the way in true SistaSara style.

Hermes X - Translucent [AdOD009S-W]

Translucent sounds for dub visions...

Electronic Chill-out sunset vibes.

Instrumental electronic Trip Hop track with dubby soundscapes.

SistaSara - Vibes Dub [AdOD008E-W]

Dub Plates EP of the Single "Vibes" featuring three Psy Dub tracks filled with soulful vibes.

Inner light, inner journeys in dub meditation.

Feel the bass and enjoy the ride.

SistaSara - Vibes [AdOD007S-W]

Reggae Dub song about reconnecting with our Inner Light and appreciating the essence of life in Universal connection.

Psy Dub Soul Reggae vibes.

Hermes X - Immortal [AdOD006S-W]

Time is ironic when you are immortal...

Trip Hop Electronic Dub stuck in the 90's.

Music vibrating through your spine.

First release for the project Hermes X focused on Trip Hop, Experimental Electronic Music and Dubtronica.

SistaSara - Creation [AdOD005A-W]

Dub Reggae Trip Hop Stepper vibes all the way to your ears heart and soul. The message throughout the Album is uplifting: the lyrics inspire us  to take charge of our own lives and to be aware of our true strengths. Enjoy the journey and let the bass shake your roots!

12 tunes, 53 minutes of Dub...

SistaSara - See Me Subconscious Dub [AdOD004S]

Deep Psychedelic Dub take on the instrumental track 'SeeMeRiddim' previously released on the Album "DubRiddims".

Three dimensional vibrations to just surrender to. Let the delay lead the way...

SistaSara - Ekwueme [AdOD003A]

Dub Reggae Album covering themes of Equality, Love overcoming homophobia, immigration struggles and the African Diaspora.

Recommended tunes: 'Lost', 'Ekwueme',

'Aura Dub' and 'Dubbing Distance'.

SistaSara - TribalCaliDub

The East bay Adventure EP[AdOD002E]

Tribal Dub Trip Hop vibes directly inspired by a trip to Oakland, California.

The theme of the EP is: "borders as weapons used by worldwide governmental institutions to instigate and create division amongst humankind.

SistaSara - DubRiddims [AdOD001A]

Dub soundscapes all the way from North London.

N7 vibes whirling around alongside the unstoppable double delays. Concrete Dub...

The first songs-free instrumental release by SistaSara.

First release on Advaita Oneness Dub, the beginning of this journey.

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